This cop pulled over a car that ran a red light, and got more than she bargained for.

Brookline Police Officer Rafaela Carlisle-Swedberg helped deliver a
baby after pulling over a couple on their way to the hospital.

As a police officer, you never know what’s going to happen
in a traffic stop. And usually, if things don’t go as expected, it’s
because they go horribly wrong. That’s why it’s such a nice change of
pace to see this story.

Rafaela Carlisle-Swedberg is an
officer with the Brookline Police Department in Brookline, MA. When she
saw a car run a red light on Thursday, she assumed it would be a routine
traffic stop. But when she approached the car, she saw that the
passenger was a woman in labor. The driver was her frantic husband. She
asked if they needed an ambulance, but the soon-to-be father thought
they could make it. Still, she had a feeling she should follow them to
the hospital.

It’s a good
thing she did, too. On a stretch of Route 9, the car pulled over and the
man flagged her down. Officer Carlisle-Swedberg barely had time to open
the passenger door before she found herself catching a healthy baby
girl. She and the father were able to swaddle the baby in a handy towel
and cut the umbilical cord before the ambulance arrived. Mother and baby
went to the hospital and are both doing great. And everyone involved
has a memory to last a lifetime.

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