Upcycling your Chandelier

Do not dispose your old chandelier just yet

Dining Room Chandelier

What to do with your old chandeliers. (Photo Credits)

Believe it or not you do not have to spend a lot of money just to have a great looking chandelier for your home.

Hometalk.com for instance shared a DIY Tutorial on how to make a chandelier out of a hanging plant basket.

“Make a chandelier using a hanging plant basket and some beaded strings! This easy and mess-free DIY is perfect for hiding ugly light fixtures without rewiring.”

Check out the rest of the instructions here.

It is not complicated at all.

DIY Ready meantime shared a great way to upcycle mason jars, by turning it into a cozy and lovely chandelier. Electrician       

“Rustic chandelier adds that warm glam to any room but can cost you an arm and a leg to get one! Now you can DIY your own unique rustic chandelier using mason jars! Yes, mason jars are not only great for yummy treats! You can also use them to make functional and cool DIY projects for your home! I just love to use mason jar for my craft projects. If you can get your hands on some wood and mason jars, you can make one too.”

Make on by following the instructions shared here.

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You can also make your ow outdoor chandelier. This time by upcycling an old one and turning it into a nice chandelier-cum-plant-holder. Electrical Association

Goods home design shared a tutorial. “Chandeliers are an essential piece of decoration in every home and their beauty is also paired with utility. If you want to have a really unique piece of decoration for your porch or yard, you can create a chandelier planter. For this you will need: chandelier, terra cotta pots, spray paint (for outdoor), waterproof glue, epoxy putty, plants and an S hook. Start by removing every electrical wiring from the chandelier and also the plastic candles from it. Then attach the pots to the chandelier by alternatively using epoxy potty and glue to help them stay in place. Take you chandelier planter outside and spray paint it the color of your choice. We recommend painting the planter outside, so you don’t inhale the paint and it will also dry faster outdoor.”

Read the rest of the tutorial here.

So what is your next project?


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